WorldReaders.org is an online resource for educators and librarians seeking information and resources on literacy and libraries in different parts of the world. We live in a multicultural and multilingual world and regardless of where we live, we all share an interest in creating a “culture for reading” in our communities. Both educators and librarians struggle to find innovative ways to get books into the hands of young people and they try many ways to encourage them to be lifelong learners and readers. How do young people get access to books in different parts of the world? How do people promote and encourage reading? How are libraries supporting reading? What are some local resources supporting the enjoyment of reading for pleasure? The goal of WorldReaders.org is to provide some support to educators and librarians in building a world reading culture and have all young people enjoy the benefits and pleasure of reading.

WorldReaders.org complements a social networking site for exploring students’ independent reading interests also called WorldReaders. At this Ning site, young people from around the world share their reading interests while exchanging information on favourite or current books.