Uplifting and Feel Good Inspirational Stories

inspirational stories
Life is not all blue skies. There are times when our lives go through a gloomy and turbulent phase that all we do is sulk in the corner and get depressed. Thinking that things come and pass, we spring back up and
put on our game face. Aside from that simple thought, inspirational stories also motivate us to keep going. No matter what problem we face; whether it’s financial, health or love, there are just a lot of inspirational stories about life that will surely lift our spirits and somehow make us feel good and to keep going. Below are just a few examples of such inspirational stories:

Inspirational Stories of Success

Inspirational stories of success make us more motivated when we are also aiming to find our own success story but we keep on failing. Did you know that a lot of famous successful people of the world today have experienced failure so many times that it had been their own motivating factor to keep on trying? Failure is in fact an ingredient of success that makes it a lot sweeter. Below are some of the most famous and successful people who have experienced failure in their lives but refused to give up on their dreams.

Bill Gates – Known as the richest man of the world today and one of the most influential according to Forbes magazine, Bill Gates also got a taste of disappointment and failure before his massive Microsoft success. His first company founded with friend Paul Allen failed miserably and wouldn’t even sell. However, that did not stop the two from trying on other things until Gates brought out his brainchild, Microsoft. He was also a college dropout which is a common denominator in many successful technology personalities we know today.

Mark Zuckerberg – Even the youngest billionaire and social network revolutionary who founded Facebook was a college dropout and experienced various failures before he became one of this world’s greats. He has created various computer programs that worked, however on a small scale. Everything changed when he launched Facebook with the help of his college friends. When Facebook went public, Zuck’s success was also cemented with his 65% share of the company.

Thomas Edison – Before discovering the light bulb, young Thomas was labeled as “stupid” in school until he was just taught by his mother at home. He also failed more than a thousand times. However, according to Edison, his failures are also discoveries.

Oprah Winfrey – Oprah Winfrey, before becoming one of the world’s most influential and richest women was a poor ghetto girl who has experienced abuse and neglect in her early life. She was pregnant at age 14 and unfortunately lost her child. She was also criticized and was told “unfit” for TV before being signed and became a very successful TV icon we know today.

J.K. Rowling – She has the very ideal rags to riches story. Before becoming one of the most phenomenal and richest writers of all time, Joanne Kathleen Rowling has suffered the loss of a dear mother, a failed marriage and the responsibility of raising a baby daughter on a weekly welfare stipend of only $100. She lived on a mice infested flat without heating or air-conditioning. This has prompted the single mother who also worked several odd jobs to write a book about a boy who discovered that he is a wizard. Her manuscript was also rejected by many publishers before she got signed. By the time she wrote the 4th installment to the Harry Potter Series, J.K. Rowling became Britain’s richest author.

Inspirational Stories of Faith

There are some people who seem to have been stripped of everything else in their lives that the only thing they hold on to is their unfailing faith. Below are some of the most heartwarming and even tear-jerking inspirational stories of faith shown by the most amazing people:

Nick Vujicic – Nick was born without arms and legs. This physical defect is called tetra-amelia syndrome. Instead of feeling despaired and ugly, Nick continued to live. With the love and help of his mother, other family members and friends, he was able to live through his physical condition and rise above it to become a successful motivational speaker and evangelist who inspire millions of people from around the world. Just imagine this guy without limbs who travels the world and talk about God; about loving life and making the most out of it. That is true faith and courage. Nick now lives happily with his loving and supportive wife and a healthy and playful son in California.

Jessica Cox – Just like Nick, Jessica was also without both hands. However despite feeling sorry for herself, she strived to live as normal as she possible could. She can do things like brushing her hair, dressing up, brushing her teeth, typing, driving and even flying a plane just using her feet! Yes, in fact, Jessica became the first pilot without arms. This simply proves that the only limit a person can ever have is his inability to move on and continue living life.

Inspirational Love Stories

Inspirational love stories make us believe in love and a happily ever after. This sounds so hopelessly-romantic but many people make these stories an inspiration in finding and waiting for their own true loves. Below are just a few examples of love stories that have inspired many whether they are true or just read from pages of a very romantic book.

Romeo and Juliet– We all know the story about Romeo and Juliet. This couple was Shakespeare’s most famous love subjects. Although things did not end so well for the two, their unmistakable devotion and love for each other is quite inspiring.

Nicholas Sparks’ Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter – Nicholas Sparks is a very famous romantic novel writer and his “A Walk to Remember” couple Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter merits having the most inspiring love story among the others. Jamie was an odd school girl while Landon was very famous and arrogant. A school play brought the two together and Landon slowly realized he was falling in love with a very righteous and faithful Pastor-daughter Jamie. Landon changed and started fighting for Jamie even when he has to go against his friends who are making fun of her. When the two started to get to know each other better and eventually fell in love, Jamie admitted that she has only a few months to live. This prompted Landon to do the ultimate act of love, to ask Jamie’s hand for marriage. The two spent Jamie’s remaining days together as a happy couple. Landon remained loyal and unmarried and even kept the same faith Jaimie has shown when she was still alive.

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